Nason® Ful-Poxy® 491-16™ DTM Epoxy Primer/Sealer



A non-sanding, epoxy primer formulated for maximum adhesion and corrosion resistance.


  • Non-sanding
  • Maximum adhesion
  • Maximum corrosion resistance

Product Details

Type Primer
Technology Epoxy
Substrates Properly sanded OEM replacement parts
Properly sanded or blasted steel
Properly cleaned or sanded aluminum, galvanized steel, or stainless steel
Properly sanded SMC, fiberglass, body fillers, polyester putties
VOC Please refer to VOC Compliance Charts

Available Sizes

Size Case Qty UPC GMC
Quart 6 012500017457 1250001745
Gallon 4 012500016931 1250001693

Mixing Instructions

Components Parts by Volume
491-16™ 1
483-19™ 1
Viscosity 16-22 seconds in a Zahn #2 cup
Pot Life 24 hours at 70°F

Application Instructions


Apply 1 full wet coat. Apply 2 medium coats for maximum corrosion resistance.

Gun Setup & Air Pressure

Refer to technical data sheet

Dry Time

Air Dry Force Dry
To topcoat: 1 hour at 70°F Force dry: 20-30 minutes at 120-140°F
To sand: Overnight
Coverage (Ft2) 517
Dry Film Thickness (mil) 0.7-1.0


Refer to the product Technical Data Sheet for complete directions for use. Refer to the product Material Safety Data Sheet for safety information.

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