PS4000™ Metal Pretreatment Wipes



Based on a special acid chemistry, PS4000 Metal Pretreatment Wipes from Axalta is ready-to-use and will make the metal pretreatment process very fast and easy. The wipes provide both adhesion and corrosion protection for the subsequent paint process.


  • Direct-to-metal adhesion
  • Self-etching
  • Excellent corrosion resistance

Product Details

Type Pretreatment
Technology Waterborne
Substrates Bare steel sanded and cleaned
Galvanized steel or soft aluminum sanded and cleaned
VOC 3.9 lb/gal (465 g/l) category compliant

Available Sizes

Size Case Qty UPC GMC
Can 6 012500951096 1250095109

Mixing Instructions

Components Parts by Volume
Pot Life Not Applicable

Application Instructions


Apply even and thoroughly in a cross wipes application method. Ensure the surface remains wet for at least 1 minute. This is necessary for an effective metal passivation.
Only apply on bare metal areas.
The same wipe should not be used for different types of metal surfaces.

Coverage (Ft2) 1 wipe/ 20 sq. ft

Special Instructions

Ensure the surface remains wet for at least 1 minute. Allow the wetted surface to dry at ambient temperature. Surface needs to be dry, overcoat within 15 minutes.


Refer to the product Technical Data Sheet for complete directions for use. Refer to the product Material Safety Data Sheet for safety information. This product may be restricted in it's use and mixing ratio in VOC regulated areas. Refer to your area VOC Compliance Chart.

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