Cromax EZ is a new waterborne formulation that uses a coat flash application approach. That means easy, familiar application methods and great results. It provides ease of application and accurate color matching. The coat flash application and coverage gives a good balance of properties while meeting all VOC regulations mandating less than or equal to 3.5 VOC RTS.


  • Meets VOC regulations mandating 3.5 VOC RTS or less
  • Ease of application
  • Accurate color matching

Product Details

Type Basecoat
Technology Waterborne
  • ChromaPremier® 22880S™ Low VOC Etch Primer
  • CromaxPremier LE 3504S Primer Filler
  • CromaxPremier LE 350XS Sealer
  • Cromax LE LE3040S 2K Primer Surfacer
  • Cromax LE LE30X0S 2K Primer Sealer
  • Premier Filler™ LE 3401S™ / LE 3404S™ / LE 3407S™
  • Premier Sealer™ LE 3410™ / LE 3440™ / LE 3470™
  • DTM Epoxy Primer Sealers V 2910S™ / V 2940S™ / V 2907S™
  • UVA Primer Surfacer A 3130S™
  • ChromaPremier Pro 33430S Productive Primer Filler
  • ChromaPremier Pro 444X0S 2K Premier Sealer
  • ChromaPremier 42400S, 42410S, 42440S, 42470S Premier Sealers
  • ChromaBase® "4 to 1" 7701S / 7707S / 7707S Primer Fillers
  • ChromaBase "4 to 1" 7710S / 7740S / 7770S Sealers

Available Sizes

Size Case Qty UPC GMC

Mixing Instructions

Components : Standard Application Parts by Volume
Cromax EZ Basecoat 1
Cromax EZ240 Thinner 20%
Components : Under Hood Application Parts by Volume
Cromax EZ Basecoat 1
Cromax Pro WB2075 10%
Cromax EZ240 Thinner 20%
Viscosity Colors are balanced to achieve sprayable viscosity.
Pot Life 68°F

Application Instructions


Single coats until opacity is obtained. Flash off between coats until matt. Recommended film thickness 0.4 to 1.0 mil.

Gun Setup & Air Pressure

Refer to technical data sheet.
Cromax EZ Spray Gun Set-Up Table

Dry Film Thickness (mil) 0.4-1.0


Refer to the product Technical Data Sheet for complete directions for use. Refer to the product Material Safety Data Sheet for safety information. This product may be restricted in it's use and mixing ratio in VOC regulated areas. Refer to your area VOC Compliance Chart.

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