13238S™ Epoxy Pre-Treatment



A strontium-chromate based epoxy pre-treatment designed to provide adhesion and corrosion resistance for aluminum, aluminum alloy, and metal substrates.


  • Improve adhesion
  • Corrosion protection
  • For Aluminum, Aluminum Alloy, and Metal Substrates

Product Details

Type Pretreatment
Technology Epoxy
Substrates aluminum, aluminum alloy, and metal substrates
VOC 3.8 lbs/gal | 5.0 lbs/gal RTS

Available Sizes

Size Case Qty UPC GMC
Gallon 12500512334 1250051233

Mixing Instructions

Components Parts by Volume
13238S™ Epoxy Pre-Treatment 1
13138S™ Pre-Treatment Activator 1
  • None recommended.
Viscosity 9-11 seconds with #3 Zahn Cup
Pot Life 8 hours at 70°F

Application Instructions


See technical data sheet for complete instructions.

Gun Setup & Air Pressure

13238S can be applied with conventional, HVLP, and electrostatic spray equipment using pressure or gravity fluid delivery.

Dry Time

Air Dry Force Dry
To touch: 10 minues 10 minutes
To prime: 30 minutes 15 minutes
Coverage (Ft2) 430
Dry Film Thickness (mil) 1.0


For industrial use only by professional, trained painters. Not for sale to or use by the general public. Before using, read and follow all label and SDS precautions.

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